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©2020 m. hart photography

by Marlies Hartmann

located in los angeles, ca + worldwide

Vanessa + Arlind

Vanessa first saw Arlind at their university's library, and instantly fell for his stunning good looks... what she didn't know was just how perfect a match they would end up becoming. These two know how to make each other laugh from that deep belly kind of place, and then just a moment later they will be looking into each other's eyes with the kind of passion and romance that you only read about in love stories. Their wedding day was absolutely flawless, and their classic white on white palate only further highlighted the stunning "European chateau" backdrop at the University of Toronto where we took their bridal photos. You could truly feel both their grace and playfulness the entire day, and they will undoubtedly continue their lives together the exact same way! A huge thanks to Robert Mauriell Photography for letting me team up with him to capture this lovely couple on their big day!!